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Oil & Gas Logistics Support

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TRUCKOMAN has provided the Oman Oil & Gas Sector with transport and logistics services for more than 20 years.

We routinely provide both contractual and ad-hoc support to the majority of upstream operators in Oman and well as most of the oilfield services companies.

All our equipment meets the requirements of Petroleum Development Oman (Shell) as well  as those of OPAL. Our experienced staff are trained to meet the procedural and safety requirements of our customers and hold certificates to this end.

The interior of Oman is, by any standards, a harsh environment. Temperatures rise well above 50°C, surfaces can range from unconsolidated rock to shifting sand and there is the ever present danger of high winds and sand-storms.

Our recruitment and development of a largely local workforce means that operations can continue normally except in the most extreme circumstances. All our equipment is specified to operate in such extremes as well as being fitted with satellite tracking, IVMS and/or VHF radio.